Kibby is a self-taught artist from Melbourne, working on Wurundjeri land. She spent 12 years working within a range of artistic mediums before falling in love with the physicality of clay in 2014. Her practice encompasses functional stoneware for domestic use as well as exploring art objects and the line between “functional” and “sculptural”. Her distinct glaze application and the forms her pieces take on when made through hand-building are influenced by the patterns found in nature, and is a way to remain connected to and celebrate the organic nature of mud, water and fire.

I fire with wood, gas and electric kilns, using a range of handbuilding, slab building and wheel throwing techniques to produce my work.

You can find me at various markets, online and the stockists below.

@kibiceramics on instagram

yard furniture, preston
pépite, fitzroy
bloemboer flowers, northcote